Love, Computers, and the Mafia

My baby's all grown up! *Sniff* I'm okay, I'm okay. Well, I've done so much crap for this, I've decided to make it's own little section of cyberspace for it. *Sniff* they grow up so fast. NOTE: This story does include cursing, and sexual innuendos (Well, as much as I can write as this age), so,  I warn you,  it is not suitable for children, but if you're my age or older, you're fine.



.LCTM: the aftermath.

The Meaning of the LCTM Names


-Shang and ZoŽ

-Ms. Nemui; Reika and Saku

-Mui and Kin

-Mr. Genki

-Chinese ZoŽ

-You know what they wear under those kilts right? ^_^

-ZoŽ McClain: Britney Spears wannabe?

-Shang Liu: Boy band wannabe?

Moment of Clarity: Asian guys are so hot.

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