LCTM Chapter 2


    "Girls, play nice," Ms. Nemui yawned to her two girls, Reika and Saku.

    "Hey Mama, who's that?" Reika, the older of the two girls, asked pointing to a young woman climbing out of a green bug.

    "Hiyeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" Saku yelled to the woman, waving her hand high above her head.

    "Saku!" Ms. Nemui and Reika hissed.

    ZoŽ smiled at the scene. She walked over, fingering the piece of paper in one hand, the other holding her pack, slung over one shoulder.

    "Hello. Is this the Nemui Boarding House?" ZoŽ asked in flowing, almost accent less Japanese.

    "Ah yes, I'm Ms. Nemui. These are my two girls, Reika, and Saku. You must be ZoŽ. Welcome. Let's get your things, and I'll show you to your room," Ms, Nemui smiled and rose. ZoŽ smiled at the girls, ruffled their hair, and then walked after Ms. Nemui.

    Showing ZoŽ to her room, it was located in the eastern most corner of the upstairs. Inside was, a small futon folded into the corner, below an open window. A heater was situated next to the small closet. A fan swished on the ceiling above a table in the middle of the room. A chime could be heard form it's place in the window.

    "Well, the bathrooms are across the hall, and downstairs. Meal times are posted on the refrigerator. Most of the other residents are American like yourself, and you should have no problem fitting into our happy little home. it's been a pleasure to meet you ZoŽ," ZoŽ mumbled something to he same effect, while Ms. Nemui yawned, smiled, and left, closing the door. Leaving alone in the room.

    Setting down the suitcases near the closet, she laid her pack on the small table an unzipped it.

    "Alright, git, all of ya," she smile as four feline faces poked their heads out of the bag, and sniffed the sir of their new home.

    "Okay, head count. Coffee, Cappuccino, Mocchacino, and Latte. Okay, good, you're all here."

    The cats just purred and laid down to watch ZoŽ unpack her belongings into the closet and around the room.

    Soon, the room was adorned with frames of ZoŽ's family, a stereo, her laptop fighting with the cats for space on the table, and the futon sprawled out in the corner, covered with a colorful blanket and pillows.

    ZoŽ, then rummaged through her pack, shouting triumphantly as she pulled out a can of cat food and four bowls. Dividing it between the four bowls, she laid back, watching the cats, while chewing on some left over airline peanuts.

    Thoroughly content.