LCTM Chapter 4

Onsen Technologies Day 1- 7:34 AM

    As more people were beginning to fill the cubicles, Shang closed the door, and turned on the stereo sitting next to his monitor.

    "Which would you rather listen to: Britney Spears, Sugar ray, or N* Sync?" Shang asked smiling.

    ZoŽ wheeled around in her chair, extracting a bit too much fun form the simple act, but faced Shang and asked," You have Britney Spears and N* Sync?"

    "No, but I don't have Sugar Ray either."

    "Liar, you know you have the Britney Spears CD. You probably have posters of her hanging up in your apartment or room. C'mon, don't deny it," ZoŽ teased smiling.

    Shang laughed. "Well, you probably have the Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees on your walls."

    "So..."ZoŽ replied with mock tears.

    Shang laughed again.

    "Here, I have some CD's with me," ZoŽ told him while rummaging furiously through her pack.

    She tossed him her KoRn CD, and went back to her computer screen, listening to "Dead."


Onsen Technologies Day 1- 10:16 AM

    "I'll be back," Shang said, disappearing down the hall.

    A few minutes later, he returned with some Fritos and a bottled water. When ZoŽ heard the first chomp, she whirled around and asked:

    "Where'd you get those?" She eyed him.

    He pointed down the hall and she was gone.

    A few minutes later, she returned triumphantly with a bottle of Nestea and a bad of Cool Ranch Doritos.

    Shang just smiled and went back to his monitor.


Onsen Technologies Day 1- 12"05 PM

    Lunch. Yummaaaay...


Onsen Technologies Day 1- 1:15 PM

    "ZoŽ, the CD stopped," Shang announced.

    "Then change it to a different one," She said, not taking her eyes form the monitor.

    "Your the one with all the CD's."

Sigh. "Fine then."

    After further exploration into her pack, she brought out her Incubus and A Perfect Circle CD's. She changed the CD, and then put the other one down near the stereo, where she was sure Shang could see it. Just in case she has to yell at him. Then, she went back to work.


Onsen Technologies Day 1- 2:43 PM

    "ZoŽ, the CD stopped."



Onsen Technologies Day 1- 5:36 PM

    "Well ZoŽ, you seemed to make it through the day well enough. Oh, and I've had your rental car taken back to the airport," Mr. Genki smiled as ZoŽ and Shang were preparing to leave.

    ZoŽ's jaw dropped. "But Mr. Genki, sir, I have a Chinese class I have to get to," she declared a bit worried.

    "Is it at the University? Three times a week? I'll take you. I got English class on the same nights." Shang told her.

    "Uh, thanks."

    "No prob."

    "Then it's settled, Shang will take you to your Chinese class. hey maybe you two could tutor each other. Seeing as Shag's native language is Chinese, and ZoŽ's is English," Mr. Genki said smiling profusely.

    Then form the expressions on their faces he reconsidered and said:

    "Maybe not."