LCTM Chapter 7




Subject: Of potatoes...

Date: November 13, 200X


Dear Mum and Pops,

    Hi Mama-san. How's Pops? Doing well after the triple by-pass? *wink, wink* Everythingís just fine here in Japan, settled in just fine. Oh! I met this dude, named Shang Liu (we work together). And I won't explicitly say anything but...(nice ass on that one...yes indeed.) He's so incredibly nice too. He invited me to a party, and takes me places. He even bought me a jade Buddha necklace for my birthday! How sweet is that? He's such a complete sweetie to me...but he can be a bitch to his cousins...Hmmmm....

    But his cousin is such a sweetie, well, the one that I know. They're twins ya see... But I've only really made friends with Mui, her brother, Kin, isnít around much, so I don't get a chance to talk to him. Humph. But Mui's a total darling (though Shang would say otherwise...). Shang says we're inseparable, or actually, in his best English, "joined at the pelvis..." but he meant hip, really he did (oh God, Pops better not say anything...) I'm working on his English though. Well, neither of us is doing that well in our language classes, so I'm tutoring him on English, and he's tutoring my Mandarin. See, total sweetheart.

    But I feel bad for not writing back so soon. But I've been really busy the past month. Shang makes sure I'm never home most of the time. Little dork...But luckily, I got sick, so I ditched him. He had to do something with Kin anyway, wouldn't tell me what though...oh well.

    Oh, I also bought you some rice paper you wanted for the windows. It should arrive soon. I sent it about a week ago. Unless customs did something with it. But itís bloody rice paper.

    Anyway, how's Clara and John? They engaged yet? Taking them long enough, sheesh. Clara's a boogerhead, and you can tell her that too.

    Oh man, I've reverted to a child's mentality. This is what jet lag does to a person. Plus, John always said I was a child, so... He's more of one than I am anyway.

    Yawn. Sorry Mama-san, but I'll be getting myself into bed now. Cold's getting worse anyway, should be sleeping. Or Shang will yell at me... Well, heís the one that probably got me sick in the first place, keeping me out late at night, in the cold winter... But, I gotta rest up, because on Monday we got a meeting with the CEOs. And itís Saturday here. So all I have is tomorrow to feel bad, and sniffle. But, I won't be feeling any better if I donít' get any sleep, and I won't if I keep babbling on like this. Argh!

                                                                                                Love always,



P.S. Tell Clara I'll talk to her soon on AIM. I just need to get the willpower to resist Shang's smile and stay home. Bai bai!!