LCTM Chapter 8


    ZoŽ awoke from a light doze to a pounding headache, and nausea. She couldn't breathe through her nose, and was extremely cold, even though layers of clothes and blankets covered her. All in all, she wasn't exactly the best she could be at that point.

    But even more peculiar, is the sound of rustling coming from the direction of her closet. Her back to that part of the room, she figured it was just the cats. But when she turned off her stomach, ready to yell at the furry ones, she found Shang rummaging through her closet, and occasionally putting some clothes into her pack.

    "Shang, what the hell are you doing?" She said, and quickly laughed. "Hey, I sound more like a guy then you do."

    "Which is why I'm doing this. You're coming with me, to my apartment, so I can make sure you get better." He told her sternly, and continued his crusade for clothes.

    "Aw, how sweet. I never knew you made house-calls. But I think I'll pass. I'm just fine right where I am. Ms. Nemui will take care of me."

    "Nope. I've talked to Ms. Nemui, and she said it'd be better for you to come with me."

    "What if I don't wanna?"

    "You're still coming."


    Shang smiled, and closed the closet. Slinging her pack over his should, he walked over to ZoŽ, and picked her up, blanket and all.

    "Eh, fine. But if you get my sick, not my fault. I'm going to sleep now thank you."

    Shang just chuckled, and headed out the door.


    "Nice bed," ZoŽ commented, muffled by the blanket. She yawned sleepily, and closed her eyes, leaning her head once again in the crook of Shang's neck.

    Once he set her down, she quickly shed her own blankets, and dove under his. Shang grumbled something about the sheets just being washed, and left out the door into the kitchen. ZoŽ smiled, grabbed the remote to the large television in a wooden cabinet in front of the bed.

    "News, news, and more news. Damn, where's all the cartoons? Ah, there we go." She then snuggled under the blankets, content watching TV

    After about fifteen minutes, Shang re-entered the room, and glanced at the television. "Oi, Hello Kitty huh? Whatever. Well, Mui will be here in about thirty minutes."

    "It was the only cartoon on. Why's she coming over?"

    "She's a nurse. She didn't tell you?"


    Shang shrugged, and climbed under the covers with ZoŽ. She protested when he grabbed the remote, but stopped when he flicked the channel to an Asian version of MTV. After a few minutes, Zoe's eyelids began to close, and she drifted off into a light slumber. Content to fall asleep to Shang's humming.

    "Don't poke me there." ZoŽ protested as Mui prodded her awake.

    "Just making sure you weren't dead."

    "Aw, thanks for your concern, but I'm just fine. Shang's just being incredibly paranoid."

    "Possibly, but better safe than sorry. C'mon, sit up." Mui tugged at the blanket, and ZoŽ reluctantly climbed out. After a small examination, her conclusion came to:

    "She has a cold."

    "Well, I could have told you that."

    "Eh, quiet you. Just take some Tylenol, and after a few days you should be fine."

    "Sorry chica. I got a meeting tomorrow."

    "Which you wonít be going to," Shang interjected.

    "And why not?" She eyed him warily.

    "Been cancelled."

    "Yippee." She said sarcastically, twirling her index finger in the air.

    "Uh huh. Well, just stay in bed and get better dear." Mui kissed ZoŽ and the forehead, and smiled as ZoŽ lightly smacked her. She waved farewell, and headed out the bedroom door, through the next door, and into the hall.

    ZoŽ lay back down, and contentedly watched MTV as Shang began humming again, lightly rubbing her back. She felt extremely giddy as he began giving her a shoulder rub, but that didn't last long. The phone rang, interrupting her momentary happiness. Shang grumbled wearily, and picked up the receiver of the white cordless phone next to the left-hand side of the bed.

    "Hello? Oh, hi Pops." ZoŽ deciphered with the little Mandarin she had learned.

    As her eyes began to grow heavy once again, she sighed, and fell asleep; listening to the musical talk of Shang's baritone voice, conversing in it's original Mandarin. A slight smile touched her lips as she fell into sleep.