LCTM Names and Meanings

Japanese Names:

Nemui: Sleepy

-Reika: common Japanese name.

-Saku: blossom, flower.

-Shukujo (Ms. Nemui): woman of refinement.

- Kizoku (Mr. Nemui; deceasesd): nobleman.

Onsen: Hot Spring

- Genki Seikatsu: genki- health, energy; seikatsu- life, livelihood.

Boarding House: Geshuku

-Sabishii: lonely, desolate.

-Odayaka: quiet, peaceful, gentle, tranquil.


Chinese Names:

Shang- uphold, honor, esteem

Liu- Chinese family name; kill, destroy (Er, uh, huh?)

Xiang (Shang's Mommy)- stern

Xiao- small

Mao- cat

Biao- tiger cub


English Names:

The Distinguished Name of McClain

Origin : Scotland
Spelling variations include: MacLean, MacLaine, MacLane, MacLeane, MacClean and many more.

First found in Western Isles where they were recorded as a family of great antiquity seated with manor and estates in that shire.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: James McLean settled in Charles Town S.C., along with Elizabeth, Anne, Daniel, James, Lettice, in 1767; Duncan McLean settled in Boston in 1766 and others.


McClain is of the Clan MacLean
The origin of Clan MacLean is Dalriadan

Did you know?
   At first, the MacLean Clan was allied with the MacDougals of Lorn, but they later became supporters of the MacDonalds of the Isles. In 1411, the Chief of the Clan, Red Hector MacLean was slain at the Battle of Harlaw, while supporting the MacDonald claim to the Earldom of Ross.
Clan Crest: A tower
Motto: "Virtue mine honour"
Coat of Arms: Quarterly: 1st, a rock; 2nd, a hand holding a cross; 3rd, a black galley; 4th, a Salmon; and at the top, two red eagles' heads.