My other websites. I'm keeping this page, short, sweet, and impeccably simple. I don't really wanna make this page very ornate, and like the other ones. It's just fine like this. Strait, and to the point. Just what I like.

Shrine to the Blue One

    My shrine to Zelgadiss Grewyers from the anime Slayers. Has recently gone through a face-lift form the perky, bright to the dark, trying for techno, but failing miserably. Sigh.


Pretty Willow

    Another character shrine to one of the prettiest bishounens out there, Nuiko-sama from Fushigi Yuugi! Oh, why is it that guys, especially Nuri-chan, are so much prettier than the actual girls? Why is that...


p i n k . s p a n d e x

    My first couple shrine! Yay! It's to Heero and Relena from Gundam Wing/Endless Waltz. Is a bit low on fanfiction at the moment, but it hasn't been around for long. Hn.



    Well, in about a year, I'm getting my own domain name. The name of it is still being debated, but I've narrowed it down to either "" or "". And the slogan would be: "We're the dot in .org." or "We're the .dot. in" Something like that. And I've been promising myself a Sailor Venus shrine, but that might be debatable, due to the recent virus, of Chibi-Usa worship I have seemed to have acquired. I'd also, maybe, might do some shrines dealing with Marvel comics character. On the list are Deadpool (the Merc with a mouth), Wolvie (though, that is also debatable.), and a Skin/Angelo Espinosa and/or a Penace shrine. But I'm also considering just a basic Generation X website, but there's already a bunch of those, and not enough character shrines. But it's my duty to educate the poor, ignorant souls of the wonderful, demi-god, dictator in-waiting personality that is Deadpool. So, we practically already know there's gonna be one of those. Also, once I get my domain, I'll get my art website up and running. Prob'ly with an all new layout, due to the fact, that the one right now is getting on my nerves. And if you're wondering where that website is, well, it's on my computer, and really, no where else. It's prob'ly been deleted from Geocities. Oh well. And I think that's all, as of this moment. But ya know, I'm a compulsive web site builder. Never satisfied with what I got. Geese...